Teeqa is about the search within.

Teeqa's creator, Pree was driven by a need to express inner energy - to empower, persist, love and lead a healthy and holistic life. The bold colours and symbolic patterns of Teeqa designs aim to uplift a vibrant and active soul.

Our designs bring together the vibrancy of a culturally-rich lifestyle, the comfort that every sportsperson cherishes, the ancient energy to meditate and the passion to keep on going. Each piece is made exclusively using high quality fabric dying techniques in limited numbers to maintain the uniqueness of our customers. The moisture wicking, coolmax fabrics we use are routinely tested and are sewn together by our expert crafters behind the machines.

We care!

At Teeqa, we take ethical manufacturing very seriously. Our designated manufacturer is WRAP certified. WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production. It is an independent, non profit team of global compliance experts that are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing worldwide through certification and education. We care for our workers, provide them with the resources they need for a positive work experience whilst continuously finding more effective and efficient ways to sustainably manufacture our products. More detailed information and the 12 Principles of WRAP can be found here.