Teeqa's newest collection was inspired by, designed and created in a very special tropical haven 🌴

Season II - Pearl Isle

Introducing our newest activewear and yogawear collection, Pearl Isle. Pearl Isle or the Pearl of the Indian Ocean - also known as Sri Lanka, is a paradise island filled with inspiration. The pristine waters of the Indian Ocean and the flawless skies painted the blank canvas of Teeqa's second collection.

Lila & Luna

Lila and Luna symbolise the opposing forces of Day and Night. Lila represents the dawn of a new day and a new beginning, with her intricate mandala patterns representing the blue sky, our glorious sun and its rays.

Contrasting the day sky is Luna, the night sky, capturing . Luna, much like her name was inspired by the moon and the various phases in the lunar cycle. The range of grey hues created in the night sky, coloured this collection with the full moon represented in the mandala patterns

Kirana & Tula

Kirana and Tula were inspired by the colourful waters of the Indian Ocean and the marine life that inhabits it. The abstract mandalas portrayed in the two collections were inspired by the ripples of water, repetition of the waves and the reflection of the sun. Kirana's navy palette speaks of the depth of the ocean with her reds and yellows representing the vibrant, beautiful and unique life forms that reside deep down. It's twin, Tula's teal and pastel colour palette represents shallow waters and the shore.

Let Kirana and Tula help you flow through life's waters with their gentle energy.