Each Teeqa collection is inspired by universal cultures, practices and symbols. The vibrant colours and designs are carefully crafted to resonate with those who wear them. 

Season I - Dare


Maya was Teeqa's very first creation and her signature. Maya was inspired by the traditional Mandalas that guide several psychophysical practices in Asian traditions, including meditation. The repetition of geometric shapes create patterns that have evolved from multiple symbols. This particular colour palette speaks of contrasting themes - black and white, light and dark, yin and yang. It portrays how opposite forces when combined are complementary,  interrelated and interconnected to one another. Let Maya connect with you and centre your active journey.


Arya was derived from Maya, using the same patterns and symbols within the design. However, she encompasses vibrancy and colour like no other! She stands out from the crowd with her strength and boldness, invigorating and driving forth your active energy.


Our Agni collection represents the element of Earth and Fire. The muted brown - burgundy colour palette symbolises warmth, stability and safety. It is said that some shades of brown create a comfortable feeling of both wholesomeness and dependability. The paisley print originated for Persia and through the years have transformed and adapted to suit different regions of Europe to India. By collaborating earthy tones with sharp yet subtle paisley line forms, Agni was born. 


Our Dhara collection is one of our softer patterns inspired by the Seven Chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk of energy. There are seven main chakras throughout our body that aligns with our spine starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible swirls of energy keep us healthy, happy and alive. We recreated these chakras into minimalistic, abstract patterns based on it's symbolic representation. The pastel colour palette portrays the softness and gentle energy of the chakras.


Tantra, similar to Dhara was also inspired by the Seven Chakras. The bright colours symbolise a higher vibrational frequency associated with the sixth and seventh chakra; the ability to understand yourself and connect spiritually. The 'Om' ॐ Symbol is a mantra or phrase used for meditation. It is placed within the seventh chakra in Tantra, to help guide your positive thoughts.


Tanrika's floral and leafy patterns were inspired by the Garden of Eden, in which stood the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. Tanrika draws you in with her bold explosions of colour and gives you the strength to stand out from the crowd. Let wisdom, love and light grow in your ever-changing garden.


The symbolic Evil Eye talisman (or Nazar amulet) was inspiration for the Zarana collection. These talismans are said to protect you from evil forces particularly misfortune or injury. Their concept and significance widely vary among many different cultures. The belief in the evil eye is the strongest in Asia, Africa, and Europe. The Hamsa is a popular symbol found throughout the the Middle East and North Africa that depicts an open right hand with a symbol of protection within it, commonly an eye as a defence against the evil eye. Zarana combines both the Evil Eye emblem and the Hamsa to shield you from negative energies.